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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

alls well... maybe not?...why not? I am having a pretty good day. The thing with me is, I believe the less you complain about things and appreciate what you have, the better your outlook on life. Anytime people as me "how is married life?", my answer is mostly that it is awesome! It is great! I can't complain. Today, a friend asked me if there was nothing I would change. My question is, why do I have to change anything? Why can't I just be having an amazing time as it is? I think whenever I give a positive answer, some people get the impression that I am living in an unreal owrld, in a bubble or painting a happy picture.

Truth is, I am trully happy. We are not perfect beings but we are not trying to make each other perfect or be the perfect little couple. People need to get it out of their heads that marriage is this terrible thing that you should wait forever before getting into. As I always say, it is what you make it. It is custom made and there's no one recipe for the greatest marriage. No matter what, you do you and try your best for the other person and things will turn out great. We do have our ups and downs but the Ups outweigh the downs by a great percentage... and I am not going to complain about what my husband did the other day to people who don't understand the contest of whatever happened that day.

So go ahead, ask me again. So far, so great. I am LOVING IT! Sex life is awesome!, communication is good, spiritual life-we're working on it, family life- can't complain...God's been good!