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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheer Bliss!

I am blissfully happy!...I could try to explain but it will be x-rated so lets just leave it at that. I love ma boo! So I just got back from L.A.,California! Yes the trip did happen. Can I get an Amen!? Anyways, this was my first time so it was pretty low-key, no hunting for stars or anything crazy like that. It was great just to have some girl time u know. We (Mammie and Abena) stayed at Atsere Sika's place...hehe...I wish they had apartments like that in GR...dem apartments is nice!!! Child, you should see them. Anywho, I took the red eye flight back so I only got in this morning. We went totally crazy with the vanity shots on Hollywood Blvd. Loved it!...Anywho, I love the landscaping in LA! I love that you can see the hills and mountains all around even in the city! Totally awesome. It made Michigan seem so flat and boring from the plane. There's just too many people though. It looks like the houses are almost ontop of each other in some places but it has a very homey feel! Oh and it is a shopper's paradise too! Designer stuff and knock-offs!...too much! I love the blend of so many ethnic groups. It kind of reminds me of London a little bit. There's so much in my head that I want to put on here but I have to sit down and think it through. I need to be as articulate as I can be. we took lots of pictures!...Do I hear vanity!?...yeah but it was great!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was feeling pretty sexy today! Hubby took me out on a date. We haven't been on one in a little while. Dinner and a movie is always great! It was pretty sweet! We got all dressed up and stuff. He was looking pretty hot if I must say so maself.;)Anywho, I loved it. Things are looking pretty great too on the immigration side. God really is good.

I learned yesterday that "We cannot know the heart of God unless we have a heart for God." Sometimes I get a little confused with my thoughts about God but I think that's when I know I've taken it too far. I don't know what to make of Oprah's and Eckhart Tolle's whole teaching. All I can say is, I'm glad I didn't buy the book or join in the class. It just all seems too wierd to me. A lot of things seem to be twisted and I just don't know what to make of it. It feels like a new age teaching but if it is helping people to be better I guess it can't be all bad right? Oh well...

Did I tell you I love Baffour? If you wondering who that's ma hubby;)he ain' t perfect but he's just right for me. We all can't be perfect:) He does little things that make me really happy and he doesn't follow any crowd or try to conform to anything and its awesome! I am thankful for that! He is quiet sometimes but he stands up for what he believes in. He makes me a better person because he always encourages me to keep a rein on my tongue.(It can be very difficult for me to do that especially when I am all passionate about an issue) I could go on but you don't want to hear all that. I could start preaching up in here!

I am not sleepy at all. I hope this California trip becomes a reality. Will be cool...Peace and hair grease! and peace in the Middle East!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I have finally come to the conclusion that I am a sucker for fashion. I am not necessarily trendy but I love to put whatever I feel good in together and it is a pleasure to hear people comment on how they look. Am I conceited and self absorbed then? I don't think so. Anyways, I have also come to the conclusion that:
1. I am a night owl
2. I am addicted to spicy/slightly salty food
3. I kind of enjoy soda/pop when it is available but I can overdose on water on certain days!
4. I am beginning to care too much about my body since I am technically sharing it with someone but I acknowledge that it is because I want that person(precious hubby) to appreciate it as much as I do.
5. I don't obsess about calories like most Americans do
6. I love reality TV... (bad habit!'s got to go soon!)
7. I need to read more and write more poetry like I used to
8. I can actually come off as really quiet and shy!(outrageous!)
9. I do not care about some friends as much as I do and I need to work on it
10. I can be very legalistic
11. I sometimes care too much about what people think
12. I love some of my friends a lot and wish they were actually family
13. I am passionate about my family
14. I love Pina Coladas with no Banana:)
15. Banku is a weakness...add some grilled tilapia and its over!
16. I think about God and what He means to me a lot...constantly
17. I hate lies, being lied to, hypocrites and even the slightest form of deception is very distasteful to me
18. I am not perfect but I don't wallow in my imperfections
19. Infact I believe I am very special to God in a way that most people won't get
20. I am tired but not very sleepy right now... this shd go in my "about me" section

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another one of those GORGEOUS days!

It is absolutely awesomely beautiful outside right now but I don't really have much to do out there. I want to go for a walk but I'm feeling lazy like I've been for the past (almost)one year! Very bad huh? I've seriously gained like almost 7 pounds in the last year which is very weird for me because I did not gain more than 2 pounds my whole time in college. Gosh I guess I'm growing and my metabolism is slowing down. I've also been more idle than I have ever been in my life so that explains it. If you read this and you know me and you're thinking "big deal, you skinny one"...well let me tell you a secret, I was my heaviest in High school! Of all the places to be chubby, high school!? but I guess it was better being in boarding school at the time than anywhere else. I am very scared of gaining weight but I eat whatever I want! Does that make sense? If most people ate half as much as I eat most of the time, they will be very miserable with the weight so I am thankful in a way that all the BANKU I eat does not show on my body all the time! have never blogged about food or my weight before so this is a little wierd for me I think. Oh I cut my hair shorter! and my behind is getting bigger but I don't mind one bit!