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Monday, July 5, 2010

Temporary Visitor~

So if you read this blog you probably know that I moved down south. Anyways, I recently changed my license plate and my drivers license to that of the State I'm in. My driver's license came back and I was amused and pained to see that it was a vertical license!Yikes! Vertical License with Temporary Visitor stamped in red and also includes the date when your legal status will expire! Do I even need a passport anymore? lol...

People were outraged by the laws of Arizona but the silent ones in Texas are equally if not more outrageous! Another reminder that I do not belong in this place and will therefore be treated like a second class citizen everywhere I go. I have started bracing myself for the questions to follow whenever anyone asks me about my license. Recently, when I was in Michigan, a sales associate asked how my stay in the States was going so far. Temporary Visitor after living on this land for freaking 8 years? How long did it take 'em to get rid of the American Indians who were occupying the place before they took over?

It is apparently supposed to help stop terrorism and illegal immigration but who told these people that the target group will be deterred? I am just sick of answering these stupid questions about where I am from. I guess my consolation is that next time anyone asks me where I am from again, the answer will be "the little country that kicked your behinds outta the world cup 2 times in a row" Can you tell I'm bitter? Just hormones I tell you, hormones!