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Monday, January 24, 2011


I know a couple who struggled for 8 years to have a baby and I also know of another who got pregnant 3 months into their marriage without much planning at all. Now I know that each of these parents are very excited about their baby and they show them off proudly to family and friends. I have been wondering if the level of love for each is different though. After all the first couple had to struggle for 8 years. I can imagine the stress, the uncertainty and possible ridicule whether obvious or not, that they had to endure.

Does that mean the second couple love their baby any less? They might have had to process the implication of having a child right after getting married and the implication of that on their newly established home. Would that put a strain on their marriage and as such on their relationship with their child?

I guess in essence, I am trying to figure out if the amount of love, care and attention given to each child is affected by the circumstances or the environment of the parent prior to their birth. Just wondering :)