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Friday, July 17, 2009


I once met this lady and her daughter
She smiled a lot ''coz she was a toddler
Naught in this world could make her smile falter
Actually, waving at her made the smile brighter

That simple gesture eventually gave me so much pleasure
And for ages to come it''s something I will always treasure
Not because I was deeply touched, by the way it caused much laughter
Not because it was from a stranger, but because there was no measure

I once let out a sigh of relief from so much pent up feelings
It was so overwhelming it made me cry without seeing
Then a dear lady came along and showed me love unending
She did not have to do a task so straining

All she said was, "you're having a bad day sweetie"
And offered the best solution ever
She just smiled at me and said simply
"For you I'll say a prayer"

I had a peaceful feeling all day, for I knew I was being prayed for
This gesture overwhelmed me, for the dear lady was not of my race or color
But she broke all racial barriers with a simple word like prayer
Maxine Mosley
Copyright ©2009 Maxine Mosley