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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I saw a lovely blue and white looking top
It really did appeal to me so I took a closer look
And discovered right under the racks, a lovely little girl
She could not be a day older than four, I thought
Oh what a sweet innocent cutie pie,
At first I thought she was lost or needed some help
Then I realized in disbelief
She was frantically tearing the price tag off
She looked up as her sister came closer to her hiding place
She daintily placed the band on her head
Linked her little hands with her sisters,
And they skipped on their merry way out
You can imagine my shock at this spectacle
I was so shocked I could hardly move.
The little thief! She made away with the headband
Obviously, her sister was aware!
I forgot all about the top and slowly left the shop
My vision of innocence shattered for the day
By the lovely little thief!