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Friday, April 2, 2010

Via Dolorosa

It's here again; that time of year where I think about why someone would die in my place and why someone whould want to save my soul from eternal damnation. What kind of love is that? If I had been going the "way of grief/sorrow (via dolorosa) and seen the compassion and contempt on the faces of the people, would I still have had any ounce of kindness and love in me to go and lay down my life?

I am thankful that He had to do it 'cos left to man alone, there would have been no salvation only vengeance! I am thankful that His grace is sufficient for me. I know some people do not believe any of this happened and others believe the stories are just myths but whatever the case may be, I am convinced in my belief that He is the Lord of my life, that the punishment that brought me peace was laid on Him and that He has afforded me the right to be confident because he has conquered all my fears already! That may very well be my opiate but what's yours? What gives you inner peace and joy that nothing can shake?

Thank God