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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Wowsers! It'e been another century since I blogged. Being a mama is taking it's toll I tell ya! I've moved again and amidst a few wistful emotional moments, I think I have handled it pretty well. So we're in a new state, new city... we have to make new friends,find a new church, meet new coworkers and colleagues. Oh dear Lord, do have mercy! I must say it's going pretty well so far. The worst part for me is finding new healthcare providers that I can trust. Y'all say a prayer for us!

In all of the chaos of setting up house, I have learned that God is faithful. He's been with us through it all. For me especially, I acknowledge that nothing in my life is possible without God's grace and faithfulness. Just the other day I was sharing with my dad what a toll my son's health issues has taken on my faith without even realizing it. You see, sometimes we lose sight of the hereafter when all we see is the chaos of now. I am slowly getting back up to that point where I am so in tune with God and what direction He has for my life. Through my unfaithfulness, He still remains sovereign! Thank You Jesus.

Do say a prayer for my family when you get a minute... the prayers of the righteous availeth much indeed :-)