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Friday, January 14, 2011

Zodiac Schmoziac

Who cares about horoscope? Seriously, I had no idea people were that into their horoscopes and the bearing of that on their lives. I didn't even know what zodiac sign I was until maybe Junior high or senior high. After I found out it did not change my perspective on life or what path my life was going to take. How does this have any bearing on my existence or what what I do with my life?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can check this out. Apparently the Zodiac signs based on the constellations is changing and a thirteenth might be added because the position of the sun is no longer in the same spot it used to be when the signs were made. Hmm.. does that mean that if the earth's axis has shifted and Ghana is in the spot Korea used to be it makes me Korean now? I think it is kind of silly really. Talk about the influence of suggestion. So I am no longer a Libra but a Virgo. Uhm... big deal! (Shake my head).

People are always seeking individuality but I guess deep down we really want that sense of belonging. Why else would anyone get mad because their personality no longer fits into one of 12 categories created. Oops sorry I guess you can not be Miss World now because you're no longer a Virgo? Be careful out there today people. The world is in an identity crises!