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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am familiar with your ways
I know how you'll act and react even before you do
Closer look, a finger in your mouth
Look here, look there quick fleeting smile
Another look, do I approve
A nudging smile,you fully laugh

I've known your heart like no other
Even before you entered this world
Your perfect imperfection, an incomplete heart
All the nooks and crannies, bared for all to see
A drug induced look in those days,
Had my heart skipping beats for you

I was called to walk this path with you
The Maker knew I could do it
He chose me for you, to be your mama
He knew it would have to be me
Many nights to be spent cradling you
Like He's done me in times past

I'm familiar with your ways
I know the sounds that calm your fears
Whispers of "I love you", "you are mine"
No matter what storms may come
We will weather it, together
Our coarse has been chartered, yours and mine