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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I probably would get a lot of people mad at me after reading this...or not if they really look deep down in their heart and realize the truth about life and friendships. So I was in the shower yesterday(yes the shower!) and had this epiphany!...Well not exactly; I was just thinking as usual about stuff that happen during the day. At this particular instance, I was reminisching over my life and especially about the friends I've lost and the ones I've kept intentionally over the year. I guess I was thinking about the grace of God and how I have not been able to extend the same kind of grace to the friends who have hurt me in one way or the other over the past few years. Its one of the things that I do think about a lot. If you're wondering who's all that picture, that's me and my 3 sisters, Eunice, Joana and Evelyn!

A few years back, some friends of mine spread some rumors which I believed put my honor in question. That's an entry for another day. Who really thinks about honor these days? Anyways, so all te friends in question got on the phone and ganged up against the supposed instigator. I must say we acted like a bunch of grade schoolers and up till today, I wish it had not happened even though it straightened some things out. This brings me back to the whole friendship thing. Friendship is a very important aspect of everyones life. For me, even having a single friend who is true and faithful is better than having a ton of friends who only pretend to have your best interest at heart. From all the friendships I've experienced over the years, the ones who have made my life richer, are the ones who didn't speak maliciously about other people or make other people believe they were better than you. The ones who enriched my life are the ones who gave their best to me without expecting anything in return.

So really, what does it benefit some people when they insinuate and hint at untrue things about other people? I'm no exception; I've said things or thought things about certain people without even really knowing them and it really makes me sad to realize this. There's people that I have also cut off for good in my life because of little things but I'm working on not coming off us the perfect one all the time. It is difficult to deal with people because no matter what, you will always be let down because no one is perfect.