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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I suppose I'm not the only one that snoozed through the Oscars this year. I must say I was very excited and looking forward to it especially after seeing Hugh Jackman's presentation two years before and even though I didn't care much about the Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin combo, I hoped this year will be much more exciting. I was even more excited after seeing the opening video and Anne Hathaway was awesome but what happened to James Franco?

It was as if someone hit the snooze button on him. He just seemed a little out of it if you ask me. Maybe the tension of being a nominee got to him and the whole pink dress thing just did not do it for me. Now I'm not saying he did not do a good job. He did somewhat of an OK job but he was a real let down and I felt bad for Anne Hathaway because it seemed like she ended up bearing the weight of hosting and making things lively all on her own. Grrr...

Anyways, why do I even care? I just know that I would be mad if someone let me down like that but then again, it's all a matter of opinion and that's my take : D... and I want Mila Kunis' dress too!

Oh before I forget, I have some exciting news for the blog soon. Might be like another month yet for the prep but look forward to it. Have a blessed week y'all!