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Monday, December 29, 2008

1st Anniversary! Thank God!

So it has been a year since our church wedding on December 29, 2007! I am so thankful to God for seeing us through. It has really been amazing and I have loved all of it. It has been so wonderful to watch my husband grow in his faith and become this awesome and thoughtful person. I couldn't ask for more. Hopefully, the next year will be even better than we are hoping for.

We had a pretty great Christmas holidays! The Boahenes' wedding was awesome. It was fun to see how happy most people were. There was no major glitch and the couple looked really happy which made everyone enjoy it. It kind of made me miss our wedding. So much fun!

This evening, we are planning on doing dinner, then coming home to watch our wedding video 'cos we haven't seen it since the wedding. We are planning on an amazing vacation sometime during the year and I am really looking forward to that too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another year, More grace!

So I turned twenty six today! That's a pretty huge milestone to me! I am no longer good old 25. 25 was a good age to be. I didn't feel too old telling people my age and some were always fairly surprised to hear that I was 25. Now, I don't know if I should feel different or not. I am not upset to have grown a year older...after all I had a whole year to prep for the number 26.

I remember teasing my husband about turning 27 and being in his late 20' I am so close and there's no turning back. I woke up this morning with feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. My hubby made me a delicious breakfast!Bless his heart!(I loove when he makes me breakfast.) Anywho, church was great with a continuation of the sermon on John Wesley. I skipped lunch 'cos I was still full from breakfast. Awesome, huh? B and I just watched a bit of TV as I sat waiting for Amma and Pearl to come over. Dinner was at the Bistro Bella Vita. Awesome place!

I never thought getting older could make me feel a little insecure but deep down, it kind of makes me wonder about what I am doing with my life and if it is worth while at all. This whole year has been a year of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. I am working on being that confident young woman I was when I was much younger. On some days, it is great and on others, I am not so sure. I wonder where it comes from though because I was always enouraged to be my best. Don't get me wrong, I can be very outgoing but being outgoing does not necessarily make one confident.

Thomas is really awesome when it comes to encouraging me. It makes me happy to know that the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with, is interested in my well being and wants me to be my very best! So anyways, I cut most of my perm off...I still have a few strand of relaxed hair that I just want gone! My stylist lock twisted it for me but it took much courage for me to rock it in public. I thought I was going to pass out but so far I haven't died and my husband still thinks I'm hot! That helps... but I wanna look my best for myself and for him so I'll eventually rock the 'Fro...but as at now, it aint for me... or is it? It may be true that I am not really my hair(India Arie) but a woman's hair sure is her glory!...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

alls well... maybe not?...why not? I am having a pretty good day. The thing with me is, I believe the less you complain about things and appreciate what you have, the better your outlook on life. Anytime people as me "how is married life?", my answer is mostly that it is awesome! It is great! I can't complain. Today, a friend asked me if there was nothing I would change. My question is, why do I have to change anything? Why can't I just be having an amazing time as it is? I think whenever I give a positive answer, some people get the impression that I am living in an unreal owrld, in a bubble or painting a happy picture.

Truth is, I am trully happy. We are not perfect beings but we are not trying to make each other perfect or be the perfect little couple. People need to get it out of their heads that marriage is this terrible thing that you should wait forever before getting into. As I always say, it is what you make it. It is custom made and there's no one recipe for the greatest marriage. No matter what, you do you and try your best for the other person and things will turn out great. We do have our ups and downs but the Ups outweigh the downs by a great percentage... and I am not going to complain about what my husband did the other day to people who don't understand the contest of whatever happened that day.

So go ahead, ask me again. So far, so great. I am LOVING IT! Sex life is awesome!, communication is good, spiritual life-we're working on it, family life- can't complain...God's been good!

Monday, August 25, 2008

long time...

So it's been a minute since I wrote on here!...Not very good huh? Anyways, I've been pretty good. Still going through each day and hoping to make the most of it. Seriously, I need to maybe clean more and cook more. I love cooking but I realized that the smell of meat kind of makes me sick. I've cut down on how much beef I eat and I'm eating a lot more fish(Tilapia). I still can not get Thomas to eat any mutton(goat meat)...He can not stand the smell or the taste of it.

So the woes of immigration stuff continues... I still have to wait for all that paper work to be done and it has been like what, 20 months already? Yeah. Anywayss, I told myself I would not complain because I am learning to be still and know that God is in control. It gets a little frustrating though because I am not used to being "still".

By the way, I've done a little better lately with the work outs. Pretty rewarding I guess. There is so much that I really want to write but I start writing and then I get tired of trying to remember all that I want to write. I need to get back to school and get back in the mood for writing. Maybe I should take a creative writing class to get that going.

Monday, July 7, 2008

So I have not sung in ages! Well not really Ages because I did sing on December 30,2007, the day after my wedding at church. I must say I was pretty nervous about singing at Benita's wedding but my hubby said it was great and I totally respect his opinion!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

fun times

So we had a pretty good 4th I think!. B and I usually go off to Chi-Town but this year, we did it our way. On Friday, we went to the John Ball Zoo and saw the Lions of Lake Manyara(sp?). It was pretty cool 'cos it was officially B's first time seeing live lions! Oh yeah!...and people think since he's African, he has them in his backyard!...we had quite a good laugh about that. Later on in the evening, we went to see the Fireworks downtown and even though it is always the same, it was fun to watch and hear people "ooohhh" and "aaahhh" over and over again! Afterwards, we went to get some Midori sour for me.

On Saturday we went to Grand Haven with Amma, Danielle and Asantewaa to enjoy the beach. It was really good times! I had fun in the water. I think this was my first time spending a longer time in the water than I usually do. I even got to play "pretend" volley ball in the water. B and I also played with the frisbee for a little while. I'll have to put some pretty sweet pictures up later!

On the low side, my little "sister" Alice, is leaving Calvin! Sucks...but that's an entry for another day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


"If I feel bitterly towards those who condemn me, as it seems to me, unjustly, forgetting that if they knew me as I know myself they would condemn me much more, then I know nothing of Calvary's love." I am not sure where I saw or read this quote but it is quite a comfort to me and anytime I feel ugly towards other people, I am quickly reminded of God's ever unfailing love and mercies towards me.

Thanks be to God, my sister finally found some sort of a job! I am so excited for her that I can not contain it. I was so worried that she would never be motivated to find one. Oh Thank you God! Anywho, I am pretty pumped for life!...haha...I always am I guess. Sometimes I am not really. Like sometime last weekend I got a little ugly and was really broody and quiet. I hate those darn times. I'm not sure if it was hormonal or just good ole Maxine! Oh well, I'm out of the stinker so its good. whohooo!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm learning that I have a short fuse. Well what can I say, my heart is too close to my head! I'm only 5"1 and some... It is something I need to keep working on. I easily get mad at things that don't make sense to me instead of looking at the bigger picture. I think this is a step in the right direction, or? At least I am acknowledging what my downfall is, right? I get a little too passionate about issues that matter to me and maybe I need a chill pill sometimes? aarrggghhh...I'm sure you think I'm some sort of a nutcase huh? Oh well, your opinion; you're entitled to it.

Hey I saw "Beaches" today! loved it way back when I saw it as a kid and couldn't get "that's the story of, that's the glory of love" out of my head. Anywho, I didn't remember it being that much of a tear jerker but I guess it is in some ways. I mean who wants their bestfriend to die instead of growing old together?!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I spoke to my friend personally about what was bothering me. I was tired of the whole this person said this and I said that and all. Tired of having other people interfere when we can talk about stuff like civilized adults. Apparently we had all had a big misunderstanding over emails and online. I still am a little iffy 'cos I don't understand some stuff but its all good. God knows ma heart. I don't get how other people will budge in and say things they know nothing about. It really upsets me! It is why I try to keep ma distance and stay in good ole Grand Rapids because I don't want to be involved in drama! Like seriously! I consider myself a loyal friend and try to put my friends interest first but when I am made to feel like I compromised that, it really upsets me.

Anywho, its all good and life goes on. You might win some. I was going to make the effort to get to know some people but I need to reserve me energy and reanalyze. Whatever it is, its cool... it gets very difficult but I guess I need to keep trying if I am trying to be like Him.

In the words of Oswald Chambers "Stop having a measuring stick for other people. There is always at least one more fact, which we know nothing about, in every person’s situation. The first thing God does is to give us a thorough spiritual cleaning. After that, there is no possibility of pride remaining in us. I have never met a person I could despair of, or lose all hope for, after discerning what lies in me apart from the grace of God."...

...wise words!

Friday, June 6, 2008


About two weeks ago Thomas announced to me that he had booked us into an artsy class. I was going to take nail art and he was doing something else but then he got called in to work and I ended up going to the Artistry Beauty Institute by myself... to my joy and great delight, it was a freaking SPA appointement! Ah, the joy of being married to a thoughtful bloke! Priceless!...

Today, I was on the phone and needed to plug the printer cable into the laptop and T won't get off his behind to do it for me and I got really mad because I thought he was being self centered and inconsiderate.(it was quite the other way round) Blame my hormones! It is after all that time of the month! and I forgot to pick up my prescription for my Birth control pills and now it has expired and I have my annual appointment on Monday but I have to take it by Sunday!...grrr Anyways, I did say quite a few unpleasant words to him after I made him come see "SATC" with me. In short, I was a mean bitch to my wonderful husband instead of being a loving wife! He paid for my addiction(shopping)! Life, sometimes its sour, other times it is sweet. I guess my day has been like my face drink( a Midori Sour)... hehe...go get yourself one!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What is wrong with the Motherland?...

It is Monday May 26, 2008 and I'm at Innotec with Thomas. I was going to start reading " The Paris Option" by Robert Ludlum but I sat at the desk and saw a book titled " Against all hope: Hope for Africa by Darrow L. Miller and Scott Allen. I usually try to steer clear of such books because it is usually written by folks who have not really experienced Africa in the the sense that its inhabitants have experienced it. Such people can always go and conduct their researches in Africa and decide to leave when they are done or runnng out of funding. The people in the motherland however, continue to live and make ends meet no matter what. That alone think should speak to the will power to live and survive against the odds. I have not read the booklet into detail yet but one statement that caught my eye on page 32 was "Resources do not come from the ground but from the innovation of the human mind." That's quite an interesting statement that kept resonating in my mind as I kept reading the book.

There were so many things to be said in response to the authors views and it made me wonder if they were right and I was wrong. I have always been aware of the kind of hopelessness that is evident when you speak to most Africans or Ghanaians to be more specific. According to the authors of the book, our main problem or the root of all our struggles is the fact that our worldview is wrong. The statement they made was that "The root of the problem is inside the minds of the people of the continent." Is this really true? If it is, then what has shaped our worldview? Where did we go wrong/ How did we end up with a fatalist/ spiritist worldview which is deeply rooted in the Animistic culture? As a christian, I have always believed that when you take God out of the equation, then things start going downhill because this has been very true of my life. Is the worldview of the average african really fatalistic and spiritist?

Aren't asian nations like China and Singapore mainly of a different worldview other than Christian or Godly? Why are they not poorer than Africa? I think I need to have a chat with my father about this issue because my little mind is overwhelmed by the questions. How can we rise out of the dark black hole that we have been portrayed to be in? How can we get our corrupt leaders to realize that the good of the community supercedes that of individual interest?Can anybody give me any answers?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hey so I went jogging with hubby like two days ago! We did like almost 3 miles I think. Yes 3 miles!....pretty awesome. Oh and we went power walking today because I was super sore from lack of physical activity but it felt really great. You know how the endorphins kick in and u feel like you're the healthiest person ever? Yep, that's how it was. Anywho, so I was on facebook today...(as usual) I noticed that this "friend" of mine had sent my husband a friend a request like a while back but has taken me off her friend list! started laughing so hard 'cos all I could think was "what a loser"! Like seriously? I would tell you everything that happened before our relationship went sour but it would be a little childish which is exactly how I felt when we were friends...I'm not

I tried to let her know that I was hurt and blah blah blah but I guess she was hurt too. I probably do care a lot more than I'm letting on otherwise I would not even blog about it. Anyways, I wish her all the best in her life and maybe someday if we become friends again, I would want her to know that I mean every single word I've written on about insincere friends right?...You're one of them, boo but I ain't mad at you,...heeeyyy!

Moving on! So immigration numbers are still getting closer but yet still far away!I am a little frustrated with that but its all good. I think I need to remind my lazy behind to get my application essay done so I can go back to school. Maybe that's what I am supposed to do but I don't know for sure. Oh well, we'll see. I'm off to watch t.v. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother with it. Some of the shows seem to be created to make you dumb on purpose. It is unbelievable. Anyways, ciao!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So mother's day is here again and its pretty neat. The message at church was about the wonderful women of the Bible including Mary, Rahab and Moses' mom. It is pretty amazing what mothers do, you know. They cook and clean and have our best interest at heart. My mother just cracked me up when I called her this afternoon. She always make me laugh so hard with her unjaded vision of the world... yet she always warns of the dangers of this world and how not everyone may be wanting your success! I love her! Anyways, I called my aunt too who was not having such a great day because my cousin was being a typical teenager(rebellious).

Anywho, I wish I had lots of money 'cos the first thing I would do is take my mum on a well deserved vacation from home. She has been so dedicated in her effort to create a home for us that she totally forgot about herself and her dreams and aspirations. My mother lived in the UK for 6 months when were kids and after she got back, she promised she was never going to leave her children to be looked after by other people... and she hasn't been outside Ghana since then. Now that is commitment! Sometimes I wish I was more like her; so prayerful and God-fearing and such a warrior!

Anyway, to all the mothers who constantly seek all the good in the world for your children, I say happy mother's day and may God bless you for your efforts!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 I've been thinking about writing for a while now but I have just been putting it off because there's too much to write about. Sometimes I feel like I think too much about one topic and then when I don't feel like talking about it anymore, I go off on a tangent when that particular topic is not exhausted but I will try to stay on course. So I have realised that a lot of my friends are always complaining about how "broke" they are. Even my very well off friends always complain about being broke when they really are not. I do have issues with that. Why is it so wrong to talk about money? I s'pose if you really do have enough money to take care of yourself or you can ask your parents for some form of support when you are in a bind, you really should not complain and whine when people who are really in need are.

I think growing up, I was always made aware of my parents financial situation. If my father told us he did not have enough money, he was for real and we all understood that. I guess I could say that most of the kids I went to school with were from pretty affluent families and so they probably could not identify with being trully broke. I know people who can just call home and ask for money to be wired to them and it will be done. Just like that...and you know what they do with all that money? Go shopping! Seriously! I guess I could honestly say that my parents are not doing so bad at this moment in their life 'cos they got all our college education out of the way except Evelyn's. I am so proud of my parents for taking care of their own and other people's children especially putting others through school. That must not be so easy!!!

Sometimes I wonder if people's selfish behavior may be a result of getting everything they ever wanted without really having worked for it. A lot of kids I grew up with need to learn the art of giving and helping friends out when they are desperately in need without really expecting anything in return. I think it can be pretty difficult to do but I hope that someday when I make enough money, I can be as generous as people have been towards me. Maybe I can write someone a check for $300-$500 for someone's birthday like SM does!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So my little mind is still wondering and wandering as usual!... I have come to the conclusion that people can be very interesting, (as if no one knew that already) but our behavior towards one another can be very appalling! No wonder my parents love to watch National Geographic footages of animal life! Oh well, I was just thinking"what if we always said whatever we were thinking at exactly the time when we are thinking it?" No inhibitions whatsoever? Lord have mercy! That would probably start another war right? But really, what prevents us from being honest with each other? Is it the fear of rejection or being social outcasts. From the look of things, a lot of people do feel like social outcasts already so why don't we just blurt out our thoughts!? I have learned something about myself recently! Ah, the pursuit of self knowledge or awareness! Priceless! I think the reason why I don't care about some of my relationships with some of my friends is because I already have a very supportive family, my sisters are like my very best friends, my husband is an awesome listener so it makes it hard for me to have to deal with other people's crap! Sometimes T and I talk about friends and hanging out and all that "normal" people supposedly do. People always say it is not good not to have many friends when you get exclusive with a guy but my question is" what if the guy/girl is genuinely awesomer than your loser friends? don't mean my friends are losers. Not at all. Actually, I have some pretty amazing friends. The thing is, for me, once I can offload on someone other than my hubby, and laugh and cry about stuff to my family without fear of judgement, that's the most important thing to me. Does anyone really need a ton of fake-a$$ friends instead of the very few good ones?...Certainly not! Oh Crap, its getting late. I forgot that I have to volunteer to catch some zzzzz:-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheer Bliss!

I am blissfully happy!...I could try to explain but it will be x-rated so lets just leave it at that. I love ma boo! So I just got back from L.A.,California! Yes the trip did happen. Can I get an Amen!? Anyways, this was my first time so it was pretty low-key, no hunting for stars or anything crazy like that. It was great just to have some girl time u know. We (Mammie and Abena) stayed at Atsere Sika's place...hehe...I wish they had apartments like that in GR...dem apartments is nice!!! Child, you should see them. Anywho, I took the red eye flight back so I only got in this morning. We went totally crazy with the vanity shots on Hollywood Blvd. Loved it!...Anywho, I love the landscaping in LA! I love that you can see the hills and mountains all around even in the city! Totally awesome. It made Michigan seem so flat and boring from the plane. There's just too many people though. It looks like the houses are almost ontop of each other in some places but it has a very homey feel! Oh and it is a shopper's paradise too! Designer stuff and knock-offs!...too much! I love the blend of so many ethnic groups. It kind of reminds me of London a little bit. There's so much in my head that I want to put on here but I have to sit down and think it through. I need to be as articulate as I can be. we took lots of pictures!...Do I hear vanity!?...yeah but it was great!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was feeling pretty sexy today! Hubby took me out on a date. We haven't been on one in a little while. Dinner and a movie is always great! It was pretty sweet! We got all dressed up and stuff. He was looking pretty hot if I must say so maself.;)Anywho, I loved it. Things are looking pretty great too on the immigration side. God really is good.

I learned yesterday that "We cannot know the heart of God unless we have a heart for God." Sometimes I get a little confused with my thoughts about God but I think that's when I know I've taken it too far. I don't know what to make of Oprah's and Eckhart Tolle's whole teaching. All I can say is, I'm glad I didn't buy the book or join in the class. It just all seems too wierd to me. A lot of things seem to be twisted and I just don't know what to make of it. It feels like a new age teaching but if it is helping people to be better I guess it can't be all bad right? Oh well...

Did I tell you I love Baffour? If you wondering who that's ma hubby;)he ain' t perfect but he's just right for me. We all can't be perfect:) He does little things that make me really happy and he doesn't follow any crowd or try to conform to anything and its awesome! I am thankful for that! He is quiet sometimes but he stands up for what he believes in. He makes me a better person because he always encourages me to keep a rein on my tongue.(It can be very difficult for me to do that especially when I am all passionate about an issue) I could go on but you don't want to hear all that. I could start preaching up in here!

I am not sleepy at all. I hope this California trip becomes a reality. Will be cool...Peace and hair grease! and peace in the Middle East!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I have finally come to the conclusion that I am a sucker for fashion. I am not necessarily trendy but I love to put whatever I feel good in together and it is a pleasure to hear people comment on how they look. Am I conceited and self absorbed then? I don't think so. Anyways, I have also come to the conclusion that:
1. I am a night owl
2. I am addicted to spicy/slightly salty food
3. I kind of enjoy soda/pop when it is available but I can overdose on water on certain days!
4. I am beginning to care too much about my body since I am technically sharing it with someone but I acknowledge that it is because I want that person(precious hubby) to appreciate it as much as I do.
5. I don't obsess about calories like most Americans do
6. I love reality TV... (bad habit!'s got to go soon!)
7. I need to read more and write more poetry like I used to
8. I can actually come off as really quiet and shy!(outrageous!)
9. I do not care about some friends as much as I do and I need to work on it
10. I can be very legalistic
11. I sometimes care too much about what people think
12. I love some of my friends a lot and wish they were actually family
13. I am passionate about my family
14. I love Pina Coladas with no Banana:)
15. Banku is a weakness...add some grilled tilapia and its over!
16. I think about God and what He means to me a lot...constantly
17. I hate lies, being lied to, hypocrites and even the slightest form of deception is very distasteful to me
18. I am not perfect but I don't wallow in my imperfections
19. Infact I believe I am very special to God in a way that most people won't get
20. I am tired but not very sleepy right now... this shd go in my "about me" section

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another one of those GORGEOUS days!

It is absolutely awesomely beautiful outside right now but I don't really have much to do out there. I want to go for a walk but I'm feeling lazy like I've been for the past (almost)one year! Very bad huh? I've seriously gained like almost 7 pounds in the last year which is very weird for me because I did not gain more than 2 pounds my whole time in college. Gosh I guess I'm growing and my metabolism is slowing down. I've also been more idle than I have ever been in my life so that explains it. If you read this and you know me and you're thinking "big deal, you skinny one"...well let me tell you a secret, I was my heaviest in High school! Of all the places to be chubby, high school!? but I guess it was better being in boarding school at the time than anywhere else. I am very scared of gaining weight but I eat whatever I want! Does that make sense? If most people ate half as much as I eat most of the time, they will be very miserable with the weight so I am thankful in a way that all the BANKU I eat does not show on my body all the time! have never blogged about food or my weight before so this is a little wierd for me I think. Oh I cut my hair shorter! and my behind is getting bigger but I don't mind one bit!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Friday!

So I woke up this morning and almost missed an opportunity to celebrate my identity! I wonder what meaning Easter has for people. For some people its Easter eggs and all the crap that America has made it to be. How can the significance of this day be reduced to such a thing? I missed service at my church which was at 11am but I made it to Grand Rapids First and it was pretty awesome. As I was sitting there listening to the pastor, it hit me all of a sudden that my identity as a believer is stemmed from this single act of kindness by someone who first loved me enough to go on the cross for me! Ah...what an amazing act! I've been thinking of this song most of the day even though up till today I still don't know all the lyrics. Thank goodness for search engines huh?...hehehe

Words and music by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend
In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song;This cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm.What heights of love, what depths of peace,When fears are stilled, when strivings cease.My comforter, my all in all, here in the love of Christ I stand.

In Christ alone, who took on flesh, fullness of God in helpless Babe!This gift of love and righteousness, scorned by the ones He came to save.‘Til on the cross as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied.For ev’ry sin on Him was laid; here in the death of Christ I live.

There in the ground His body lay, light of the world by darkness slain;Then, bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave He rose again!And as He stands in victory, sin’s curse has lost its grip on me;For I am His and He is mine, bought with the precious blood of Christ.

No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the pow’r of Christ in me;From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.No pow’r of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand;‘Til He returns or calls me home, here in the pow’r of Christ I’ll stand!

I love the Best Friday!!!....

I can't help but wonder at the depth of love I feel when I ponder over these words! Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I probably would get a lot of people mad at me after reading this...or not if they really look deep down in their heart and realize the truth about life and friendships. So I was in the shower yesterday(yes the shower!) and had this epiphany!...Well not exactly; I was just thinking as usual about stuff that happen during the day. At this particular instance, I was reminisching over my life and especially about the friends I've lost and the ones I've kept intentionally over the year. I guess I was thinking about the grace of God and how I have not been able to extend the same kind of grace to the friends who have hurt me in one way or the other over the past few years. Its one of the things that I do think about a lot. If you're wondering who's all that picture, that's me and my 3 sisters, Eunice, Joana and Evelyn!

A few years back, some friends of mine spread some rumors which I believed put my honor in question. That's an entry for another day. Who really thinks about honor these days? Anyways, so all te friends in question got on the phone and ganged up against the supposed instigator. I must say we acted like a bunch of grade schoolers and up till today, I wish it had not happened even though it straightened some things out. This brings me back to the whole friendship thing. Friendship is a very important aspect of everyones life. For me, even having a single friend who is true and faithful is better than having a ton of friends who only pretend to have your best interest at heart. From all the friendships I've experienced over the years, the ones who have made my life richer, are the ones who didn't speak maliciously about other people or make other people believe they were better than you. The ones who enriched my life are the ones who gave their best to me without expecting anything in return.

So really, what does it benefit some people when they insinuate and hint at untrue things about other people? I'm no exception; I've said things or thought things about certain people without even really knowing them and it really makes me sad to realize this. There's people that I have also cut off for good in my life because of little things but I'm working on not coming off us the perfect one all the time. It is difficult to deal with people because no matter what, you will always be let down because no one is perfect.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Beautiful Day...

Its so lovley outside! I went out to lunch with ma Calvin girls. It was pretty good times. Anyways, I've spent more time at Calvin this week than I have in years!...I guess I kind of missed being back there. Anyways, so we got to talking about relationships with people outside your own race. I guess it is the much easier alternative you know. It takes a lot of work to keep a relationship with people from different backgrounds. I'm not speaking from experience but from what other people have told me so I do stand to be corrected. I remember telling T that if I hadn't married him, I probably would have married a caucasian or any other race. I think I always say that but maybe when it came to actually working on it, it probably would have presented a lot of challenge. Its really amazing how I never really thought about issues like this until I started college in a far away place. I guess when you walk around a place where most people are outwardly like you, yout tend not to really consider it. Now I am acutely aware of people and being careful not to offend anyone. Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable for me when people try so hard to be careful around me. It reminds me that I am so different from all these faces around.

My biggest thing I guess was being the only black(in my case milk chocolate with a touch of caramel) face in class. Sometimes when they would talk about issues affecting African Americans, I would get these stares or looks like I am representing all African Americans when I am not even American in the first place. In my opinion, racism will never be eliminated. Racial tolerance is what we should strive for. I know some people think they are not racist or prejudiced but we all are. Anyone can go ahead and chew me out for that but think about it...we pass little comments and think negative thoughts about some people every now and then which we will not necessarily voice out in the midst of them. Anyways, it is my opinion right?...I still got lots of questions! Peace in the Middle East!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am still very buffled by the world around me. People are very interesting and very strange. I usually pay close attention to the kind of interaction that goes on in between people and it always amazes me. I usually wonder if people are being truthful, fake, mean, nice or just real! Anyways, I have to call home. Oh...I'm thinking of doing lunch with some of the Calvin girls tomorrow. We'll see if that happens.

I am trying to embed some music and its driving me nuts. Anyways, I'll try it again later. Uhm...Oh I am going to be volunteering for Planned Parenthood! I do understand that some people think they are the abortion group but before anyone chews me out for selling my soul to the devil group, here me out. They are Pro Choice which means they have to present people with all the choices that are available including the pros and cons of every decision they decide to go with. Its more like helping people to make informed decisions. I know some people may beg to differ but really, this is what I believe they are about. I'm really looking forward to learning from people! I gotta go now. The hubby is in and we need to enjoy each other!...

Before I forget, I had a haircut! Yep I cut my long tresses and opted for a short crop.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a little ecstatic?

So I was home(Ghana, West-Africa) for 5 months straight and I loved it!. I loved even the boring days and times. It was a million times better than being back in the States and being bored. There's so much love and so much fun I wish I could stay forever! Well, I have been asking myself that a lot lately. Why did I up and leave my home country to come to the great US of A? Well, I followed my heart to get here but in the pursuit of a better life, I eventually would have left to go somewhere. It probably would have been the UK if Thomas had not gone to Calvin College. So I am still in the process of asking myself why? The thing is, I do know that the main reason was to pursue my dreams, create a better life for myself and my family. But really, what is a better life? Is it working a lot and using all that money to pay bills?...maybe?...Anyways, hopefully as I am embarking on this journey of whats, whys, what ifs, hows and what do you knows, maybe I might find a few answers. Till I put my keyboard to work again, so long!