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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a little ecstatic?

So I was home(Ghana, West-Africa) for 5 months straight and I loved it!. I loved even the boring days and times. It was a million times better than being back in the States and being bored. There's so much love and so much fun I wish I could stay forever! Well, I have been asking myself that a lot lately. Why did I up and leave my home country to come to the great US of A? Well, I followed my heart to get here but in the pursuit of a better life, I eventually would have left to go somewhere. It probably would have been the UK if Thomas had not gone to Calvin College. So I am still in the process of asking myself why? The thing is, I do know that the main reason was to pursue my dreams, create a better life for myself and my family. But really, what is a better life? Is it working a lot and using all that money to pay bills?...maybe?...Anyways, hopefully as I am embarking on this journey of whats, whys, what ifs, hows and what do you knows, maybe I might find a few answers. Till I put my keyboard to work again, so long!

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Anonymous said...

You said it so well girl.
As comfortable as life may seem in the diaspora especially in the US,
. . . It's all mostly Fake.
At some point you begin to wonder why we end up basically paying only to keep the light on and the roof over it while we ourselves are out in the cold trying to earn just enough to support this addiction.
What's a better life you ask?
It's knowing or realizing what you have and what you and your heritage are worth.
Ghana is an Amazing country and yes, the continent for that matter.
Sadly only after you've left her do you truly appreciate what she is and what (she) Ghana can be.
Tell this truth folks. Let it be heard.
We need to slowly eat away at some of the negatives portrayed in the media about this continent and be able to speak truth to the selfish powers that rule this incredible and naturally blessed continent.
We can. One voice at a time.
It would really help with the what's, why's, what if's you know . .

Keep it up. Keep it tasteful, keep it classy.