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Sunday, May 11, 2008


So mother's day is here again and its pretty neat. The message at church was about the wonderful women of the Bible including Mary, Rahab and Moses' mom. It is pretty amazing what mothers do, you know. They cook and clean and have our best interest at heart. My mother just cracked me up when I called her this afternoon. She always make me laugh so hard with her unjaded vision of the world... yet she always warns of the dangers of this world and how not everyone may be wanting your success! I love her! Anyways, I called my aunt too who was not having such a great day because my cousin was being a typical teenager(rebellious).

Anywho, I wish I had lots of money 'cos the first thing I would do is take my mum on a well deserved vacation from home. She has been so dedicated in her effort to create a home for us that she totally forgot about herself and her dreams and aspirations. My mother lived in the UK for 6 months when were kids and after she got back, she promised she was never going to leave her children to be looked after by other people... and she hasn't been outside Ghana since then. Now that is commitment! Sometimes I wish I was more like her; so prayerful and God-fearing and such a warrior!

Anyway, to all the mothers who constantly seek all the good in the world for your children, I say happy mother's day and may God bless you for your efforts!