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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Facebook shenanigans

Every now and then something on facebook pushes me to the edge and I just want to close my account but I always realize that in doing so, I am allowing an external force to determine my behaviour. I decided to remain proactive and not reactive to everything around me so I have kept that account but every now and then I clean house! I usually get rid of the people who are negative, quarrelsome and disrespectful to me and my ideals.

Just this morning one such person was hating on another for getting somewhere in their eduction and mocking them for taking so long to where they are! Really? Since when did trying to get ahead in life become a crime? When are black people going to stop with the PHD(Pull Him/Her Down) syndrome? I was utterly disgusted.

May each of us find the courage and the grace to support others who are far better than us. We have to learn to be content with our lot because someone will always be prettier, faster, smarter, taller and way better than we are!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Love Your Love

I'm sure we all have that someone we just can not wait to talk to when s#!+ hits the ceiling. For me, I first say a calm little prayer to my Father who knows all my needs and then call the hubby! I need to find other people to unload on! hehe... I am thankful for my love and his words of wisdom every single time I feel like acting a little unchristian. Thanks Honey!

Your love is pure
Your love is precious
Your love is all I need
Your love surrounds me
Your love astounds me
Your love is everything

I run to You
When my heart is weak
I cling to You You’re all I seek
It’s my heart’s desire to be close to You
Here in Your arms I find my strength

Everything I want everything I hope in
(You're)Everything my heart cries out for

by Kari Jobe

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You there

I try, all day long
To sit and reminisce
On all you do for me

I try, every single moment
To express the gratitude
That's overflowing in my heart

I try, to understand you
To feel you entirely,
I'll be content with who you are

I try, but not hard enough
To make it all known
But I have not lived long enough

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puzzle, fuzzle, buzzle

Thoughts in a puddle
Love the sinner, loathe the sin
How do you identify the sinner
It says "by their deeds, ye shall know 'em"

Is that what He did when he loved me first?
Identified me, loved me all the same
In spite of my questionable identity
My telltale sins did not hinder Him

Love the sinner, loathe the sins
I've been left a great example
I'm struggling to do exactly that
But the deeds overwhelm at times