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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Love Your Love

I'm sure we all have that someone we just can not wait to talk to when s#!+ hits the ceiling. For me, I first say a calm little prayer to my Father who knows all my needs and then call the hubby! I need to find other people to unload on! hehe... I am thankful for my love and his words of wisdom every single time I feel like acting a little unchristian. Thanks Honey!

Your love is pure
Your love is precious
Your love is all I need
Your love surrounds me
Your love astounds me
Your love is everything

I run to You
When my heart is weak
I cling to You You’re all I seek
It’s my heart’s desire to be close to You
Here in Your arms I find my strength

Everything I want everything I hope in
(You're)Everything my heart cries out for

by Kari Jobe


Shels said...

Hmm..we thank God for God! :)
Sometimes when sh*t hit d fan, i look around and I realize there are only a few people who can actually remind me that I should get back on track with God..I guess I need to find me more of those.

simplychic said...

i run to my b/f except when it has to do with him and in that case, i normally just throw stuff and slam doors ;) haha!

Maxine said...

@Shels- We sure are thankful for God!

@ Simply chic- Girl, you funny! When you get married, you're going to realize real fast that you better let him know when he's tripping or you get madder and madder then you can't even remember why you're that mad!

Bomi Jolly - JollyNotes said...

aww this post made me smile:)!! Yes o.. Thank God for God!! & Thank God for hubbies:)!

And I love love that song=)!

See you SOON hopefully=)!! xxx

Maxine said...

@Bomi- Isn't He just amazing!?!