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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

stuff that drive me nuts!

The week has just begun and already I feel like the weight of the world is resting on my tiny shoulders. I am not going through anything per se but I have just heard bad news from a couple friends, some random strangers and sometimes you can't help but share in the burden of others. But again, I refuse to let that keep me from screaming and shouting "Thank You, Jesus" for your loving kindness and for your steadfast love!

I am once again reminded of God's love just as the Psalmist(David) wrote in Psalm 124. I suppose at times it is very difficult to accept what is and continue to give thanks as well but how soon we forget about all the other good things that have come our way. Some of us have developed a complex because we think we are entitled to "good-ness" in life and others deserve what they get. Who the heck are we to think that way?

I pray each of us will be reminded of God's grace through this week when we are tempted to lament and cuss under our breadth when we feel like life has been unfair in one way or the other. God Bless!