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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dramatized Rant

I realized it's been a while since I posted anything. My blogging has been a bit sporadic for a while and I really make no apologies for a it. Life has been busy with the baby and adjusting to the new normal. The folks at my job also don't really care whether you have a baby or a giraffe to take care of. My schedule has been crazy and some! They schedule me for 12 hours shifts without any thought and in addition don't make it consistent enough to live with! Aish!

Anyways, there's something that bothers me a little at work. There is a 40 some year old lady who talks way too much about any and everybody. I thought this was stuff that high schoolers and some college folk did but for a mother of two to gossip about everything under the sun? Recently, I was called to come say hi to a fellow "African" on another unit. Now mind you, in this place, meeting an African is like a rare UFO siting(a little exaggeration maybe) So I get home and I'm telling a friend who used to work on the same unit with me about it and she already knows every detail of the story! What? How is this possible if the said informant was not even at work and my friend is in a different state? It's puzzling I tell you.
Is this even news worthy? Anyways, it's not the first time Ms. CNN international has broadcasted some breaking news but it does make me wonder if there is any gain in this? Why do people do this? Does it give anyone some sort of satisfaction in spreading rumors and gossip?

Any who, I'm back on the k-drama(Korean Drama) bandwagon. Recently saw Lie to Me, Protect the Boss, Scent of  woman, finished More Charming by the day and going through Dream High! Crazy huh?If you don't like reading subtitles then this is not for you. Maybe I'll get hubby to watch one with me someday(He's probably reading this and going "not on your life"! Hhaha... I pray for grace and peace in the rest of the week for y'all. Be blessed!