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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm doing it!

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I shy away from politricks(tics) because I do believe that most politicians will say anything to get elected. It has however come to my realization that majority of the people protesting these healthcare reforms have no idea what socialism actually means. And even if they do, they refuse to acknowledge that some of our social institutions e.g public school system, roads etc are socialist ideals. What gets to me the most is the hypocritical behavior of certain Christians who claim they do not want the government to take their money to help the poor!!!
Wow, what happened to letting mercy rule over justice? It makes my heart heavy to see that some Christians take God's grace for granted. We pretend as if we are so deserving of God's grace and others are not. We act like it is by our doing and our efforts that we obtained God's grace which is free for ALL! Maybe I am not getting it but isn't our focus supposed to be on God's word and doesn't his word say "whatsoever you do to the least of these, you have done unto me"(Matthew 25:40) So why are people opposing healthcare for all?
I was so alarmed to hear that pastor claim that if someone took a gun and shot Obama, it would not be murder! I am gravely sorry for the people who attend his church. If a doctor gets in trouble for giving the wrong medication, then a preacher should be in a worst situation for putting anyone's soul in danger! We're talking eternal damnation here!
So yes I did, I went there. If Christians understood the grace which saved them while they were still in their filth, they should be acting better and being gracious to others too! Lord ha' mercy!