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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So I just read ODB (Our daily Bread) thus my inspiration for this post. I feel like these days I have just let life get in the way of several things. I have wasted many hours or days not doing what should be done and just worrying about what everyone thinks. I must say I have slacked quite a bit when it comes to blogging too leaving my entries to once a month at best. Quite appaling in my opinion but again, my excuse is Kyle. HA!

Anyways, life definitely must go on. I have alsways loved the name David so it came as no surprise when I wanted a middle name for my son to decide on David. I put aside any sentiment of naming my son after his ancestors and settled on David(with hubby's approval). The meaning of David which is "beloved" was not even what drew me to the name but the fact that God said of King David "This is a man after my own heart". Can you imagine having God's approval in this way?

How would people describe you in a few words if they were to write your biography? Would it be tasteful, heartfelt, bitter, insulting, spiteful, condescending, amazing etc? I have been thinking about it quite a bit for the last few hours. Many times we forget about what God thinks about us and focus on what others think. It is good to a certain extent to recieve a great evaluation from people but ultimately, God's approval surpasses all.

Here's a few words to describe some of my favorite people

Hubby: Selfless, loving man who cares more about people than he lets on. Very intelligent, diligent and meticulous in his undertakings. The love of my life!
Daddy: Godly man who's private life matches his public life. Undoubtedly, one of the most Godfearing people I have ever encountered.
Mama: Very humble and prayerful woman without whose guidance I would be absolutely lost
Zeinab: Friend for always!

I do have a long list of names but for the purposes of not boring my readers to tears, I will end here. Have an amazing day y'all!