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Thursday, June 18, 2009


1.My home… is wherever my heart is glad
2. I am listening to... the hum of my laptop, the sound of birds chirping and cars going by on the road
3. Maybe I should... get up to get breakfast and take a shower
4. I love... being married to Totoe and seeing the silly side of him that no one sees!
5. My best friend... is Tomeister!
6. My ex and I... what ex?
7. I don't understand... God's plans many times.
8. I lost... molar and my voice too! Sob, sob
9. People say... a lot of things they probably don’t understand themselves
10. My past... is forgiven and I am glad to have some of the wonderful memories from it
11. Love is... so amazingly awesome!
12. Right now, somewhere, someone is... pondering over the meaning of life
13. I always... pray God’s grace will guide me to make the right decisions.
14. Once upon a time, I... was not so forgiving and considerate :(
15. Now, I... understand the grace of God which forgave me while I was still clueless of my shortcomings and it enables me to extend the same grace to others.
16. I never want to... hurt anyone on purpose
17. My personal motto is... do your very best all the time and you will have no regrets!
18. When I wake up in the morning... I usually thank God for bringing me to another wonderful day!
19. I get annoyed when... when people act all “high and mighty” when they really are not so smart
20. People always... have room to grow
21. I sing... because, I’m happy and I have a song in my heart!
22. Today I will... go to the ENT to figure out what is going on with my voice, plan a trip to Walmart, F21, Hair braiding place and do some cooking!
23. Tomorrow I will... be glad to know what is up with my voice
24. I really want... to get my green card sorted out and possibly stay in Michigan and not move to another State for my job.
25. People would say that I... I have no idea!...maybe I love laughing?
26. Life is full of... endless possibilities and change.
27. Dogs... freak me out. don't know why but they just do
28. Cats... are arrogant creatures!
29. I hate... hateful behavior
30. If I had a million dollars... I would make sure my family’s financial issues were taken care of, give to my church, give to support and educate people in Ghana and buy my hubby his dream car :(
31. I hope... I can impact as many people as possible and leave a legacy in my lifetime.
32. I'm totally terrified... of animals especially snakes! sick disgusting creatures! arrrggghhh