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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

life going on

You know how everyone thinks they have the best mum in the world? Well believe it or not, mine is the very best! Now before you snicker, make a face and stick your tongue out, remember this blog is mine so you are reading my thoughts and opinions( sticks my tongue out). So mama left on the second for Ghana after being with me for a while. You see, they say you never know what you've got until its gone and I have never really had to live this saying until now. I wish I knew how to clone! Brings tears to my eyes anytime I think about how she mothered me through the last weeks of pregnancy until she left

Anyways, my Kyle is 3 months already and he is awesome! What a blessing he is to us. I could be having a terrible day but a simple smile from him makes it all better. Someday, I will explain what seeing Kyle smile does to my heart.