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Friday, March 14, 2008

Beautiful Day...

Its so lovley outside! I went out to lunch with ma Calvin girls. It was pretty good times. Anyways, I've spent more time at Calvin this week than I have in years!...I guess I kind of missed being back there. Anyways, so we got to talking about relationships with people outside your own race. I guess it is the much easier alternative you know. It takes a lot of work to keep a relationship with people from different backgrounds. I'm not speaking from experience but from what other people have told me so I do stand to be corrected. I remember telling T that if I hadn't married him, I probably would have married a caucasian or any other race. I think I always say that but maybe when it came to actually working on it, it probably would have presented a lot of challenge. Its really amazing how I never really thought about issues like this until I started college in a far away place. I guess when you walk around a place where most people are outwardly like you, yout tend not to really consider it. Now I am acutely aware of people and being careful not to offend anyone. Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable for me when people try so hard to be careful around me. It reminds me that I am so different from all these faces around.

My biggest thing I guess was being the only black(in my case milk chocolate with a touch of caramel) face in class. Sometimes when they would talk about issues affecting African Americans, I would get these stares or looks like I am representing all African Americans when I am not even American in the first place. In my opinion, racism will never be eliminated. Racial tolerance is what we should strive for. I know some people think they are not racist or prejudiced but we all are. Anyone can go ahead and chew me out for that but think about it...we pass little comments and think negative thoughts about some people every now and then which we will not necessarily voice out in the midst of them. Anyways, it is my opinion right?...I still got lots of questions! Peace in the Middle East!