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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journey to the South

I'm southward bound
My heart is doing somersaults in my chest
My mind is in chaos
My emotions know not which persona to take

I'm southward bound
I should, logically and realistically be glad
My home is going to be far away
'Cos he can not come with me yet

I'm southward bound
My heart is going to be left behind
'Cos that's where my home is
Will I ever call you home again?

I'm southward bound
I may not know what you will bring me
I may learn to love you
But never like my beloved home

Some of you may know that I have not worked for the past 2 years. Yep, have not been working a paid job since I got married but I got an offer in Texas! So I am beginning the long commute mentally and physically from Michigan, my beloved Michigan to Texas. I am apprehensive and anxious of what the future may hold for us but I trust that he who holds the future, already knows the plan He has for me! Please do keep the hubby and I in your prayers! Hopefully, I will bring you adventures from the southside!