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Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Madness

I feel like there are so many changes my family is going through this year that it's made it almost impossible to just sit and put my thoughts into words. God's been good :-) So looking forward to hubby being done with school! I was going through "my little basket of treasures" when I came across and old poem/prayer written about 8 years ago. Enjoy

 God bless the poor in spirit
God bless the afflicted soul
God grant the request of the suffering
God's grace be upon the destitute

Fill their days with laughter
Fill their hearts with joy
Fill their waking hours with peace
Fill their minds with Your love

I pray for a quiet spirit that is reflective on and of God's redemptive presence this Easter for each and everyone of us.

© 03/28/2013 Maxine Mosley Totoe