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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am still very buffled by the world around me. People are very interesting and very strange. I usually pay close attention to the kind of interaction that goes on in between people and it always amazes me. I usually wonder if people are being truthful, fake, mean, nice or just real! Anyways, I have to call home. Oh...I'm thinking of doing lunch with some of the Calvin girls tomorrow. We'll see if that happens.

I am trying to embed some music and its driving me nuts. Anyways, I'll try it again later. Uhm...Oh I am going to be volunteering for Planned Parenthood! I do understand that some people think they are the abortion group but before anyone chews me out for selling my soul to the devil group, here me out. They are Pro Choice which means they have to present people with all the choices that are available including the pros and cons of every decision they decide to go with. Its more like helping people to make informed decisions. I know some people may beg to differ but really, this is what I believe they are about. I'm really looking forward to learning from people! I gotta go now. The hubby is in and we need to enjoy each other!...

Before I forget, I had a haircut! Yep I cut my long tresses and opted for a short crop.