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Monday, October 8, 2012

running back to safety

He kept crawling towards the air mattress which was propped against the wall to keep it out of the temporarily. Every time he inched towards it, I would softly beckon him towards me. "Kyle, don't go near the mattress. Play over here." Now before y'all go on about how unsafe it is to leave a baby playing out in the open like that, you need to understand that I know how light the mattress is so no danger there. We did this dance a couple times until finally the mattress toppled over him and he quickly darted towards me. He fussed a little more from the from the shock of having that thing move towards him than from pain. At first grandma picked him up but he wanted his mummy.After I hugged and kissed him a few times, he started smiling and wanted to get down to play with his toys again.

I believe that's how it is with God's love. He must really get frustrated with us when we decide to ignore His word and go on a path that will eventually lead to hurt, fear and pain. The thing is most of the time we do not even take the time to read or listen to what he has said in His manual for life (The Bible). We are well aware that His word is there and we can refer to it whenever we need it but our blatant disregard for it is what hurts us the most. I'm glad He beckons us toward His love and safely hides us under His wings regardless of our indifference at times.

I pray that as you read, you will run back to your "safety zone" with God.