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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I usually try to overlook the things which irritate me to no end and try to adopt an attitude of gratitude instead but my apartment management irritate me to no end! Grrr... I got locked out of my apartment because I lost my keys at Target (one of my favorite places to pick up random sale items! hehe). I called the apartment people to come and open the door for me and I was told I would be charged $35 dollars for that! Okay, come open the door. I'm not going to sleep outside because of $35! The custodian or whatever he is, sends his son to come and open the door and my spare key, which is with them at their office is not given to me because they are not opened at the time. Why am I being charged $35 dollars if you're still keeping my spare key?

Come Monday these people keep calling me to come and pay $35. That's not even what irritates me the most. I have had problems with my fridge since I moved here in November. I don't even know how many times I have put in a maintenance request to have it checked out since then. My lease is almost up and still nobody has come to fix what is wrong but they have the nerve to demand $35! Grrr... It makes me mad that I have to pay for it. Just had to let that off my chest.