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Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Take

So I just realized that I have not read a book since summer! That is terrible. I have been watching way too much TV lately and seriously destroying brain cells.(Thank God for scrabble! Which I play almost everyday online! hehe) I started playing scrabble about a year ago and I really like it. I'm not that good yet but I'm getting there little by little. How often do you read a book? What is best the you have read so far this year? Maybe I might need to pass by Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books.
Does anyone know how to break up a 24 hour drive? I'm wondering if we should do 10 hours/day or 8 hours/day or whatever? What are your thoughts?

In other unrelated news and totally vain information, I got the double take a couple times yesterday! You know on those days when you feel great and it seems nothing can bring you down? Yes, that's how I felt yesterday! I had a spring in my step as I walked with my head held high! Heels are the best~! Have a great day y'all!(I'm turning Texan even before I get there!...hehe)