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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To spend, To enjoy, To have and To hold!!!

I got there late
Wish I had been early
This disrespectful behavior has got to go
But I made it just in time to see the important parts

They got up with slight awkwardness and nerves
All the while looking like they just stepped out of a magazine
They looked deep into each others eyes
And swore to love and cherish each other forever
She said "your people will be my people"
He said "I have chosen you above all women, to love"
My heart skipped a beat for them
It brought me back to my own special day
Music,dance,smiles and laughter
Well wishers and on lookers
Seemed the day was charmed from beginning to end
Rich display of culture,massive head gears
Flashy jewelry, seemingly easy merging of two families
Blessed from God above
Sealed with a kiss as long as they both shall live!!!

I have come to the conclusion that Nigerians are indeed passionate people who go all out when it comes to celebration. I have never met a group of people who enjoy celebrating life like the Nigerians I have been fortunate to know. I always lament over the exorbitant amounts of money Ghanaians spend on funerals and it does make sense that such amounts should be used in the celebration of life as well. Often times, we go through life stressing out over everything and not living like we should to the fullest. Nigerians, do know how to party it up! Talk of opulence! At certain points, I could barely see all the way to the stage because the head gears had taken over but thank God for long range cameras!

I have heard quite a few of my Ghanaian friends speak strongly against being told to go by a certain color code for a wedding or other celebrations. I did not know exactly how I felt about this issue but after seeing how well coordinated and beautiful it turned out, I have concluded that it is not exactly a crime but I understand that it is not a part of our culture. To tell you the truth, I was in awe at how beautiful it all came together.

Some close friends did what they call the ashoebi, however, I opted out because I could not find a tailor within close proximity to sew for me. The families had matching and coordinated fabrics and "geles" too. I could go on for days about the outfits alone! I was made aware by another friend that typically, Yorubas are "booty" dancers! Every dance had a booty move or two in there somewhere. It was quite delightful to watch both young and old shuffling their feet and shaking their behinds to the infectious rhythms.

I have so much to write I'll end here for now...

Alls well that ends well

I have had a really great week thanks to friends but all good things do come to an end on this side of heaven; or must continue somehow. Excited to see my hubby later tomorrow! So excited to return to blogville to share all that I experienced if I can! whoot! whoot!