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Thursday, March 17, 2011

shoppers paradise

So I went shopping the other day for long spring-y/summer-y dresses and came across a very pretty grayish/pewter/ash colored dress that caught my eye right away. For some unknown reason, I always look at the tag to see where it is made and before even checking out the fabric care. We all know it sucks to buy that dress which requires dry cleaning when you have no intention of dry cleaning it.

Anyways, imagine my surprise when I realized the dress was made in (drum rolls please...) KENYA! I wanted to scream "I am African and this dress right here is from my continent, y'all. Booyah". I know that's a little extreme but can you imagine going into a shop like Charming Charlie and finding a dress made in Kenya? It just made my entire day! I'll be sure to put a photo up when I wear! Looking forward to the day when I find made in Ghana stuff being sold commercially in American shops. Now that will be epic!