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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

spiritually bunkrupt

 I have often times said the worst kind of people are the ones who can lead you astray and cause your soul to be eternally damned. How is it that quack doctors are imprisoned but quack pastors can roam free without any fear of the law. I suppose since it is a matter of discernment as to what an individual should and should not believe in, it makes it possible for these spiritual leaders to do as they please.

There are many self help and self actualization books out there which feed our minds and intellect with positive affirmation. There are blogs geared towards being optimistic and living your best life to the full but why are churches preaching this same message? Maybe I have totally missed the memo but I thought spiritual leaders were supposed to feed my soul not just my mind. It is quite sickening actually to tun on your TV or radio and hear messages that do nothing for your spiritual growth. If you want inspirational messages that make you want to take on the world full on, you could just as well find the nearest Barnes and Noble(any bookstore will do really).

A few weeks ago I was listening to a preacher and it dawned on me that all this guy was preaching was the message of self help and nothing about the Gospel or the message of salvation. The church has become so "seeker friendly" that it seems our leaders are afraid to preach the Bible in case they offend the masses. Is the truth of the Bible being taken for granted. Are the days gone by when a message could be so good you felt like the preacher was addressing an area of your life and backing it up with Bible passages?