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Monday, May 20, 2013

The "Why"

My husband graduated from business school this past weekend. So ladies and gentlemen, I have a proud Baylor Business MBA holder  under my roof. I am quite excited for the next chapter of our lives. We got together with a couple different families to celebrate the accomplishments of our loved ones and it was during of these encounters that the inspiration for this post was coined up.

There was discussions on an inspirational piece of literature that talks about finding one's "why" in life. This can be the reason for your existence, the reason why you've made certain decisions or are going through a certain situation. I guess finding this "why" gives a purpose to a person's life. It got me thinking about my life. In the last few years I have reflected on many "whys" without a clear answer.

The thing is, in a way, if I knew all the whys in every situation, then my vision will be somewhat distorted and myopic. I somehow need the uncertainties in life in order to see the bigger picture or keep my focus on this above and not focus on just this earthly view. All I can do is do my very best with whatever situation I find myself in. I could explore all the whys to the point of exhaustion and still be back at square one. If I am doing my best, however, then I can be rest assured that He who holds the future will someway, somehow, crown my effort with success.

I don't want to take away from those in hot pursuit of their "why" in life. I am just saying that sometimes, we need to quit the whining, over-analyzing and just be in the moment and ask God to take our hand and lead us home. May you be content with your lot and find that silver lining no matter how dark your cloud might be.

Congratulations again honey, and to everyone who graduated or will be graduating this year, Job well done!