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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


She walks around like a ghostly figure
Wishing for her own demise
No desire to live her life to the fullest
As if it was by mistake that she happened upon this earth

She pushes her life to the limit
Wishing death to claim her if he may
But even that request falls on deaf ears
For death has no claim over her life

What makes such a person lose all hope
To cease to exist in this lifetime
If only I could take a peak into her brain
Perhaps I might gain some understanding

Likely a vague insight into her being
A fleeting wish to live, maybe
For now I'll treat her with empathy
This shadowy figure might retreat no more

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Joy is Crank!

Who are these people
These self made gods
The so called authority in their fields
Laughable miniature gods

Who gave them this power
To make these utterances
As if they came into being by their will
Annoying know it alls

What I hear makes me cringe
What they say render me almost faithless
But I've been there and through that
These creatures haven't experienced my joy

Look by sight and it is overwhelming
The darkness engulfing my very being
Look by faith and all is calm
The Sun warming my very core

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Status Posts

I was going through my facebook news feed the other day and liking and smiling or laughing out loud at which ever hilarious ones caught my attention and then it dawned on me "many of these people have very inspirational status updates!". Just the other day I went through these updates again and realized that people are quick to update when whatever they have read that morning be it on or what other website is perceived to be for their neighbor and not them! For instance, one such update read "Gossip ends at a wise person's ear". Now you can be sure a great number of people had this update forgetting that if they themselves do not gossip others will not bring it to their doorstep!

I wonder why people don't include the updates which talk about reaching out and witnessing to others or living in such a way that your life becomes a living testimony of God's grace. Just a thought :-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forget Me Not

I began to wallow in this deep dark feeling
I blamed, I cursed, I saw no end
No silver lining, no light at the end of the tunnel
If it was there, I sure was missing it
Probably because I was wallowing in this deep dark feeling

I always thought I was one to come out of it
Unscathed or perhaps with a few scars to show
I didn't think I would be the walking advertisement,
The very poster child of this ingratitude
An ingrate in the making, as if nothing good had ever happened to me

I felt overtaken, overshadowed by my unbelief
Then I begun to see a glimmer of hope
Out of the darkness came my light
Aha! what a little hopeful thought can do
My heart felt free from and my spirit begun to soar

Again I begun to remember all that He said;
I will never leave you nor forsake you
Do not be consumed by anxiety
Each day has enough worry of it's own
Baby steps, one day at a time

Now I am not wallowing
There are days when those fleeting thoughts intrude
There are sunny days dotted with clouds overhead
But I will not wallow in that place
I am not alone, He's there and He's not going away!