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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Status Posts

I was going through my facebook news feed the other day and liking and smiling or laughing out loud at which ever hilarious ones caught my attention and then it dawned on me "many of these people have very inspirational status updates!". Just the other day I went through these updates again and realized that people are quick to update when whatever they have read that morning be it on or what other website is perceived to be for their neighbor and not them! For instance, one such update read "Gossip ends at a wise person's ear". Now you can be sure a great number of people had this update forgetting that if they themselves do not gossip others will not bring it to their doorstep!

I wonder why people don't include the updates which talk about reaching out and witnessing to others or living in such a way that your life becomes a living testimony of God's grace. Just a thought :-)