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Friday, June 6, 2008


About two weeks ago Thomas announced to me that he had booked us into an artsy class. I was going to take nail art and he was doing something else but then he got called in to work and I ended up going to the Artistry Beauty Institute by myself... to my joy and great delight, it was a freaking SPA appointement! Ah, the joy of being married to a thoughtful bloke! Priceless!...

Today, I was on the phone and needed to plug the printer cable into the laptop and T won't get off his behind to do it for me and I got really mad because I thought he was being self centered and inconsiderate.(it was quite the other way round) Blame my hormones! It is after all that time of the month! and I forgot to pick up my prescription for my Birth control pills and now it has expired and I have my annual appointment on Monday but I have to take it by Sunday!...grrr Anyways, I did say quite a few unpleasant words to him after I made him come see "SATC" with me. In short, I was a mean bitch to my wonderful husband instead of being a loving wife! He paid for my addiction(shopping)! Life, sometimes its sour, other times it is sweet. I guess my day has been like my face drink( a Midori Sour)... hehe...go get yourself one!

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