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Monday, April 7, 2008

Another one of those GORGEOUS days!

It is absolutely awesomely beautiful outside right now but I don't really have much to do out there. I want to go for a walk but I'm feeling lazy like I've been for the past (almost)one year! Very bad huh? I've seriously gained like almost 7 pounds in the last year which is very weird for me because I did not gain more than 2 pounds my whole time in college. Gosh I guess I'm growing and my metabolism is slowing down. I've also been more idle than I have ever been in my life so that explains it. If you read this and you know me and you're thinking "big deal, you skinny one"...well let me tell you a secret, I was my heaviest in High school! Of all the places to be chubby, high school!? but I guess it was better being in boarding school at the time than anywhere else. I am very scared of gaining weight but I eat whatever I want! Does that make sense? If most people ate half as much as I eat most of the time, they will be very miserable with the weight so I am thankful in a way that all the BANKU I eat does not show on my body all the time! have never blogged about food or my weight before so this is a little wierd for me I think. Oh I cut my hair shorter! and my behind is getting bigger but I don't mind one bit!

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