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Thursday, May 1, 2008


So my little mind is still wondering and wandering as usual!... I have come to the conclusion that people can be very interesting, (as if no one knew that already) but our behavior towards one another can be very appalling! No wonder my parents love to watch National Geographic footages of animal life! Oh well, I was just thinking"what if we always said whatever we were thinking at exactly the time when we are thinking it?" No inhibitions whatsoever? Lord have mercy! That would probably start another war right? But really, what prevents us from being honest with each other? Is it the fear of rejection or being social outcasts. From the look of things, a lot of people do feel like social outcasts already so why don't we just blurt out our thoughts!? I have learned something about myself recently! Ah, the pursuit of self knowledge or awareness! Priceless! I think the reason why I don't care about some of my relationships with some of my friends is because I already have a very supportive family, my sisters are like my very best friends, my husband is an awesome listener so it makes it hard for me to have to deal with other people's crap! Sometimes T and I talk about friends and hanging out and all that "normal" people supposedly do. People always say it is not good not to have many friends when you get exclusive with a guy but my question is" what if the guy/girl is genuinely awesomer than your loser friends? don't mean my friends are losers. Not at all. Actually, I have some pretty amazing friends. The thing is, for me, once I can offload on someone other than my hubby, and laugh and cry about stuff to my family without fear of judgement, that's the most important thing to me. Does anyone really need a ton of fake-a$$ friends instead of the very few good ones?...Certainly not! Oh Crap, its getting late. I forgot that I have to volunteer to catch some zzzzz:-)

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