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Friday, September 18, 2009

September Answers- You asked, I'm spilling...

Andrea had three questions for me

1. What made me start blogging
I have always loved journaling! It is a sort of outlet for me to express myself and to think through things without overreacting. When I was much a younger it helped me communicate my thoughts and feelings to my mother and it helped us forge a better relationship. I used to have a personal website a while ago but it disappeared(sob) due to inactivity after I started college. I am usually not afraid to say what is on my mind but over the years I have learned that there needs to be some form of decorum at times so though I still keep a personal journal(which is more about my journey as a wife now), I decided to start an online journal too because my little mind is constantly working and it helps to get some feedback on your thoughts :)

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses
Very thought provoking question, I must say. One of my strengths is unspeakable joy. I am joyful always. I may not be happy all the time but I have this inner peace and joy which keeps me sane and lets me know that no matter what, things will be alright. I suppose you could say I get that from my faith. I am also very passionate about serving and giving without expecting anything in return. I am very friendly and will go out of my way to make strangers comfortable. As a nurse, being a great advocate is one of my strongest suits too. I am very empathetic as well.

Weaknesses: I can get sidetracked sometimes especially when it comes to sticking to the plan. I will take the scenic route over the shortest or practical route. I have blind trust in people. I can be pretty blunt without intending to hurt peoples feelings. Shoes are a weakness too:( I would buy a pair of shoes over getting a good jacket to keep warm in the winter! It is that bad. I am on my way to a cure though.(whoo hooo) I tend to be emotional too :( I blame it on my hormones :)

3. What did you mean by do not copy when you put the picture of your sisters up? Do people do that?
Yes, people do copy pictures just like you can get images from google images. People can use your pictures on their websites or blogs too. I don't mind if it is just mine but I would rather people ask before they do that :)

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Thank you so much for answering,yee peee...
Oh my, I learnt new things about you.. Shoes,...women and shoes. I love shoes too.
I love the fact that you are always joyful.
I have more questions for you,, but I will wait until you do another "ask questions" post.. Thanks babes.