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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Once upon a loving

I once was in love with a man
Nought he did could be wrong
I could be huffing and puffing
With his smile I'd lose the heat
I once was in love with a man
At the touch of his hands
All my troubles seemed to melt
And the sorrows would crumble too
I once was in love with a man
He made my heart skip beats
He could set this heart afflutter
With just a little whisper
I once was in love with a man
He said I was the fairest of them all
He promised to hold my heart dear
But he squeezed it too tight...


Myne Whitman said...

Hope you're OK babes? Compliments of the season.

Shels said...


but i love it.

Mike said...

In an attempt to hold on carefully to things dear to us, we inadvertently hold a little too tight.
.... sometimes.

Maxine said...

Mynes- I'm great actually. I figured this might raise a few eyeborws :)

@Shels- haha... I know! Sad right?

@Mike- Don't we though? Sometimes we think that just holding a little longer and tighter might make it a little better :S