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Monday, May 3, 2010

Shifting Paradigms

They say they are chosen,
Predestined, so to speak
I know I am tagged
The good book does say we're joint heirs

You speak what you've been taught
Without giving it much thought
Perhaps you might want to ponder over
Those values instilled, with much scrutiny


blogoratti said...

Simple yet with deep understanding. Bravo!

Maxine said...

@Blogoratti- Thanks!

Jaycee said...


Andrea said...

Hey Msmaxy, how goes it.

Shels said...

word !!

Maxine said...

@ Jaycee- I like to pretend I am! hehe
@ Andrea- Been well, how about you?
@Shels- Haha, that's wassup!

Bomi Jolly - JollyNotes said...

Thought provoking!! Love it.

Maxine said...

@ Bomi- Glad you love it!