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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the expert jerk

Huff and puff
To show your arrogance
Scream loud and long
To display your ignorance

I was just thinking about high school and all the mean and cool people who influenced my life there. If you went to boarding school in Ghana or somewhere else in the world, then you possibly experienced the kind of hazing that is popular in these settings. Some people may argue that it was meant to toughen us up. That may be true in a sense but it used to bug me when people in a higher grade would just be blatantly mean!

The thing is, after high school when everyone is all grown up and doing their own thing, these people tend to think they can just all of a sudden become friends with you! AAARRRGGHHHHH! It kind of makes me mad you know. No you meanie, I don't want to be friends with you!...he he... It makes me even "madder" when they add you on facebook like you were their long lost buddy! Uhm...get lost, you jerk face! Sometimes I want to remind them of how mean they used to be you know. I guess at some point they probably realize it is much better to be a nicer person in life. If you used to be a meanie in high school, shame on you! lol


Nana said...


Anonymous said...

I disagree - people grow up and change. Give them a chance. If they're still mean, "unfriend" them asap. I've found that many people I didn't get along with in secondary school are now my good friends here in the States, and the people who I was close to in school are actually distant acquaintances right now.

Maxine said...

@Anonymous- Point noted :)and for blogging purposes, how did you become buddies with the bullies and meanies?...hehe... we would love to learn from you ;)

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

I met a bully from school at a party. I kept calling him Senior Mraks. That embarrassed him a little. Told his wife and some of my friends at the party a few stories. All in good fun though.
His wife kept saying "owww is that how you were?".
It was too funny.


Maxine said...

@ Mike- That's great! I think people always get embarrased after their dirty deeds are dredged up :)

Anonymous said...

That is so true. i realised i was still angry at some pple who were soo mean to me back in school recently.

it came as a shock to me bcos i thot i hv forgiven them. i had to pray about it so God will help me forgive them. After all we are called to love.

i must admit its not easy.