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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Beautiful One

How lovely are
My thoughts of you today
As you go about
Your daily activity

There will be several voices
Some for and some misconstrued
Also many guesses
Concerning your value, true

Whatever is noble or kind
However mean or brush
Remember to not be confined
Or conclude in a rush

Keep your head up child
Shine and be a beacon
All your fears exiled
'Cos you're my beautiful one

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omobonike said...

nice !!! u jst made me :).

Boatemaa said...

This is beautiful. Very nicely written.

Maxine said...

@Omo- You just made mine :) Thanks!

@Boatemaa- Thank you!

Shels said...

i really like this. thanks for writing. for some reason i feel better.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

That made me smile. I've not done much of that today. This is not the first time you've written in this smile (writing something God may say to us). I like them all.

Maxine said...

@ Shels- Please feel great! It's a command!:)

@NYA- Sometimes we need a reminder that Someone, Something bigger's got our back. Our energy needs to refocused on the positive. Glad you I put a smile on your face :)

simplychic said...

beautiful, beautiful words!