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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help!!! Hospital Bag!

So I have checked out different sites and this is probably what my hospital bag is going to consist of. Please feel free to add to or let me know if certain items are unnecessary. Thanks. Keep praying us through. At minimum we have about 4-5 weeks left! Yikes!

·         Insurance card, ID, any consent forms previously given,
·          birth plan
·         Old nightgown
·         Slippers or slipper socks
·         Laptop loaded with relaxing music and perhaps a DVD or two
·         I-touch, cellphone with chargers
·         Bible
·         Junky magazines (like Cosmo)
·         Camera
·         Video Camera?
·         Snacks for hubby and mama
·         Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, hairbrush, conditioner, body wash, body and face lotion, deodorant, mini loofah)
·         Shower sandals- flip flops for mama, hubby and me
·         Nice comfy towel
·         Junky undergarments
·         Nursing pillow, boppy
·         Nursing-appropriate bra or tank
·         Sanitary pad, underwear
·         Breast pads- buy some disposable ones for now
·         Nursing-appropriate PJ
·         Hair bands, pony holders
·       Comfy clothes & toiletries for mama and hubby
·         Snacks? Granola bars etc
·         Comfy outfit to go home in (NOT pre-pregnancy size)- tube dress, shorts and tanks, low heeled sandals, sunglasses, makeup bag
·         Coming home outfit for baby + swaddle blanket + car seat + pediatrician’s number
Hmm, I think that's pretty much it. Yes, ladies, say buh-bye to tampons for a long time! haha.


Yankeenaijababe said...


Who said to hava a baby isn't expensive o, just your list alone says it all. I am super excited for you and the hubby. Where do you reside in Texas? Send me an email to I just moved to the Texas area and still trying to adjust to my new life.

Maxine said...

hey YNC-Thanks girl!Will email you in a minute.

Jaycee said...

Wow. It looks like you're ready to go! Your list seems very complete, but I wouldn't know, would I? Lol. Congrats again :)

Yankeenaijababe said...


Thanks a bunch, got your email. I would reply to you soon

Maxine said...

@JC- Hahaha... I can get a little obsessive when I plan ahead but hey, God's plan always prevails right? Thanks again!

@YNC- Looking forward to your email :-)

Golda Addo said...

Yep, sweetie! That's about right ... you seem to have everything set. I also took a thermos flask along when I had my bunny-boo ... along with hot chocolate beverage mix. It can be very very soothing after the delivery, and gives back the strength that you are gonna require. You're gonna feel off-center and unbalanced after baby leaves your body and a bit light-headed ... and often, with little appetite. The warm beverage helps much ... and/or yoghurt.
Oh, and take a lot of love and hugs along to spare. You will feel wonderful and awe-struck about that little bundle after all the stress is gone. Kisses, hun all the way from Ghana.

Maxine said...

Adaku- awww thanks, thanks! I feel the love all the way here!Your input is well noted. I love hot cocoa! hehe

Andrea said...

Hey maxine, congratulations girl. So happy for you.

Maxine said...

Thanks Andrea! where have you been?!!!

Andrea said...

Life got really busy.....

prettykay said...

Congrats Miss Maxi. so I vanish from blogsville for a while, come back and one of my favourite bloggers is on her way to motherhood. Yaay and Congrats to you and the hubby

Nyssa said...

I bought my DS a cute little hat and diaper cover for his hospital pics. That's something to consider.

Maxine said...

thanks Kay! Life happened! Hehe

Great idea Nyssa. I'm get on that!

Think-About-It said...

wow! all that stuff? LoL You are ready to roll!
Congrats and God be with you & yours.

Maxine said...

thanks! yeah all that stuff! hehe... might streamline it a bit :-)