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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Say what? Circa JULY 2009

I am about to take you on a very personal journey. It might be difficult to read my blog from today forward but i hope and pray that it will be a great source of encouragement and upliftment for you. Come with me to way back in 2009 ...

July 10, 2009
No I am not! Really? Oh my God! Well I stopped taking it back in January! Oh my goodness. That is so precious!

Yes, this was me this afternoon at the clinic I volunteer at after I found out that yes indeed, I am preggers! I have done several pregnancy tests on other women and if any of those test had a deep line and a faint one as bold as mine, I definitely would have concluded that they were pregnant so why was I doubting mine? I had another nurse check with me just to be sure! I mean it's not like we have not been trying. Oh trust me, we have!

For some reason, I expected to know the exact moment of the conception of my sweet pea. We had been talking about babies so much lately that God must have decided we were ready! ahaha... Wow, I am still so excited I just want to do cartwheels. I told Thomas that today and he goes "is that safe for the baby?" Dork! uhm, before baby, I was, is and still AM!... You should have seen his face. He looked like he had just had a great meal or received his dream job offer! So cute!

When I found out, I could not contain it. I felt like I was going to burst. I had tears in my eyes, I could not keep my voice down. I walked around with a bounce and a spring in my step. My baby! A part of me! A person consisting of a part of Thomas and I! I had to tell him even though I knew he would not be able to concentrate at work. So I went to the volunteer common room, took my phone out of my bag and started dialing. First try, no answer, second try:

Tomeister: Hello(in an almost whisper meaning Tomtom is in a meeting). Hey sweetie, Is everything ok, I figured if you were calling for the second time something must be up
Me: Guess what? Uhm, the test was super positive!
Tomeister: What test
Me: The pregnancy test
Tomeister: Oh really? wow, it's as if we knew before though didn't we? wow, I want to come home.
Me: hahaha... I'm at the clinic anyways so will see you later at home. I love you honey
Tomeister: I am so excited I can not go back and concentrate. OK will see you soon. Love you!

I know I was not all mushy about it but inside, I'm telling you I was ready to burst! The rest of the day went by in a blur. We went to Barnes and Noble to get a pregnancy book and then I got a pregnancy journal! I am chronicling every bit of this experience as much as I can. Thank You Lord for this Blessing, thank you for my sweet little pea. Oh Thomas said something very thoughtful tonight. He said " Now I am a Man! I have been walking around in this sort of boy-man state but today, I feel like a man". I love this man, a lot!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Your writing about this is so vivid, and the happiness you feel all but jumps off my screen.

I don't know you at all but I am so thrilled for you. Thanks for sharing this and God Bless you and your little sweet pea.

Maxine said...

thanks Anonymous! I hope you'll be back for the rest of my life story.

maame said...

hi max,

congrats and well done on the journey. I know this sounds nosy, prolly silly, but cnt help wondering...did u get preggers 2009?...when did lil Totoe arrive? 2011? lol ?????????!

Maxine said...

@maame, yes I did in '09. My lil Totoe was born 3 weeks ago. Wait for the rest of my story :-)

maame said...

Aww, max, just seeing this...and thanks for the rest of the story. God's been good.

Merrymary said...

okay so this is how I know ive been slacking in my blog reading!!! I could have saved myself a lot of surprise on fb if I had been reading up consistantly!!!

Again God's favour continue to shine on the fam and congratulations!! Next step postings from the pregnancy journal could be very interestingxxxx