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Monday, October 17, 2011

mama, my friend and confidant

She's prayed with me in the wee hours of the night
She's hugged me and wiped my tears
She's given me advice and spoken words of wisdom
Her faith has carried me through
Her beliefs have challenged mine
Her life has been a living example to me
Oh mother of mine who feels my pain
Mother dearest who weeps and griefs with me
Mother who's empathy is beyond my understanding
May all who have an encounter with you
Know the love you give without reservation
May those who have none get to know mine
I pray for love as deep and passionate as yours for my child


Ampong said...

God bless your mum, Maxine. i know you'll be a great mum too :-) Blessings...

Maxine said...

Awura- thanks hun.How was the honey on the moon? hehe

Nana Efua said...

I second what Ampong said. You'll be a great mom! :)

Maxine said...

Nana- Thanks girl. Why can't I comment on your blog? hehe...

Motherhood & Parenting Ghana said...

This is so sweet hun. Asking permission to repost it on our blog

Priscy said...

mothers are priceless. you will do just fine and God will be your guild. first time here and following, loving your blog so much. you can do the same with mine @

Maxine said...

@motherhood- Sure...just link back to this post. thanks