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Monday, April 9, 2012

Back to the middle

I have been feeling a little off balance in recent times. Well mostly since having Kyle. My labor wasn't glorious and easy and the period before and after were both a struggle and still is some days. I want to be able to go to church and worship like I used to but it is kind of difficult to do that with my irregular work schedule, Kyle's appointments and everything in between. There are some days when all I want to do is just be able to get 6 hours straight of sleep but I can't.

Don't get me wrong, motherhood is an amazing thing. I can't tell you enough how rewarding it is. I think in Ghana there is always so much help you receive from family and that makes it a lot easier. You know that moment in time when you question where you are and why you're there? I am there.

I have been a little teary today and it probably is hormonal but I just can't seem to shake it. I need to be centered again. Any mamas out there have tips on how to keep the balance? How do y'all keep it all together and remain fabulous? hehe


Missy Tee's said...

Well all I can say is God is your strength. I do not know what to say that might help but may God be with you. All is and will be well with you and Kyle.

Maxine said...

Missy Tee- He sure is. Some days I loose focus of that. Lord have mercy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Simply say "Holy Spirit I am feling down, I am feeling tired" weary or whatever the case might be " so please take over" Trust me, it works like a charm. I have felt like that many times with work, little one, hubby and all that but everytime I call on my Sweet Holy Spirit He answers. Just imagine He says he is always there and waiting on us to ask for His help. Whenever I start feeling this way I realise I am trying to achieve based on my own strength so I need the GREAT I AM to take over :) Hope this helps!

Maxine said...

Thanks anonymous- This morning I got back from work and before I got into the shower- I took a look in the mirror and looked at the worry lines then I said to myself, "your God is in control so why are you fretting". It did put a smile on my face. Thanks!