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Sunday, July 1, 2012

After His Likeness

I haven't been to church much lately. Since I had Kyle, it's been a little tricky to go to church. I barely get enough sleep most nights and I like to have him with me when I'm not working so that grandma an get some sleep. Well I have been watching Ressurection life church, Grandville, a lot more and today they had Dan Seaborn preaching. He is pretty awesome. One of the coolest pastors out there.

He compared different pieces of art and their value and made the analogy of the piece of artwork being worth more based on the painter. So if God created us in His image, can you imagine what our worth is? It was pretty sweet to realize again that since I am created in God's image, signed and sealed by the blood of Jesus, I am priceless! Thank God for messages of affirmation!

Have an amazing week and remember how priceless you are. If you know your worth, others will learn to treasure you.

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Roger Gaisie said...

You also have a nice week.