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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Bucket List

There are a few things I would love to accomplish in life. They say purpose gives one meaning in life. I seek to find my purpose in every area of life that I intend to engage fully in. It has always been my goal to find fulfillment in my work, studies, and relationships. I am glad to say that I finally accepted the call to excellence and was inducted into the Omega Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. For many, it may not be a big deal but to me, it felt amazing! I was proud to be among the many who have been invited to join STTI.

My cousin was the first in our family to pave the way. I have also had many mentors and preceptors who have embodied what amazing Nursing leadership looks like. One of my favorite preceptors was Charmaine. She was patient and kind and did not make me feel like an idiot. They say Nurses eat their young and she never made me feel like I would get swallowed up by the profession. Compassion and kindness go a long way to inspire others to extend the same humanity to others. I currently have another co-worker who is always soft-spoken and gentle with the people she works with. Other people in leadership who have inspired me include Mary Aboagye and Comfort Nyameba Poku. There are many trailblazers I aspire to be like. It is amazing  to not live for applause but every now and then, it sure feels good.

The invitation has been sent and I have accepted. May I thirst for excellence in this field as I seek to serve the people who are placed in my charge daily.

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